Malaikottai Indian Chettinad Restaurant

5988 Newpark Mall Rd, Newark, CA 94560

Tel: (510) 797-2166


Tuesday to Friday- 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM 

Saturday and Sunday- 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM & 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM

About Malaikottai

MALAIKOTTAI – ROCKFORT TEMPLE – Ucchi Pillayar koil, (Tamil: உச்சிப் பிள்ளையார் கோயில்) is a 7th-century Hindu temple, one dedicated to Lord Ganesh located at Tiruchirapalli, Tamil NaduIndia.The Rock Fort is a historic fort and temple complex built on an ancient rock. It is constructed on a 273-foot high rock. Geologically the 83 m high rock may date to over one billion years ago. The oldest structure in the fort is a cave temple built by Pallavas in 580 AD. There are two Lord Ganesha temples and one Lord Shiva temple inside the Rockfort.  The Uchchi Pillaiyar Koil at the top of the hill and the Manikka Vinayakar Temple in the bottom of the hill and the Shiva (Thayumanavar) Temple in between them. There are 417 steps to reach  the Uchi Pillayar Temple.The Thayumanavar temple at the foot of the hill is one of the celebrated Shiva temples of the state praised in Thevaram hymns.Malaikottai( Rockfot) is the most prominent landmark of Trichirapalli City. Uchchi Pillaiyar Koil is visible from the surrounding places in Tiruchirapalli and the spectacular view of the city of Trichirapalli is breath taking from the top of the Malaikottai. Tiruchirapalli has been under the rules of Pallavas, Pandyas, Nayaks and the Nawabs and the food scene is rich and diverse with its history and culture. Inspired by the heritage and food,  Malaikottai Restaurant is here with authentic Tamil Food to cater to the food enthusiasts of Bay area.